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Carry-On Checklist For A Tropical Vacation


Setting off for a cruise? Heading to an all-inclusive resort on the beach? Sounds like paradise.

While a vacation is quite relaxing, the preparation can stress you out. That’s why we made you an easy carry-on checklist! With a properly packed carry-on, you won’t have to worry about losing your luggage and being without the necessities.

So, what should you pack for your next great adventure?

Bathing Suit

This is the single most essential item for your beach vacation, right?_kar6760


Need we say more?

One Extra Outfit

You have a whole suitcase packed with clothes, but pack one, lightweight essential outfit in your carry-on just in case your luggage goes missing. If you don’t have to use it, you might still want to change clothes after a long flight.

Phone Charger

You don’t need to bring your full entertainment center, but a spare phone charger will make sure you have access to a camera and communication when you need it.


Prevent travel hanger with a mix of snacks: healthy, calorie-dense, and snack-worthy.


beach-copyWe wouldn’t let you go on a vacation without treating yourself! The Vino2Go and Brew2Go are both great travel accessories because they won’t break and shatter like glass, and the lid will keep bugs and sand out.

Proper IDs

It may seem like Travel 101, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the proper identification on you at all times. Designate one, safe, zippered pouch in your carry-on where you will always store your identification.


Keep yourself from going crazy on long flights, and entertain yourself on the beach! Ask each person you’re traveling with to bring a different book, and trade when you’re ready for a new one.


Protect your eyes and your health! If you’re heading somewhere sunny, you’ll want to wear a hat as frequently as possible. Plus, it will help you contain your airplane hair.


If you have to take a medication regularly, be sure to pack it in a safe place! Use a daily pill organizer to keep track of time when your routine is disrupted.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Inspiration


Every couple celebrates Valentine’s Day differently. For some, it’s an occasion for jewelry and watches, for others it’s dinner at a nice restaurant. And, for some, it’s a night on the couch catching up on your Netflix queue.

No matter how you choose to celebrate (or if you usually forget until 1pm on February 14th), a gift basket is an easy, thoughtful gift for your significant other. Pack it with items that will make for a romantic evening, and you’re guaranteed to impress. Here are a few items to include:

A card.

While they are often overlooked in most gifts, a card is a great way to set a romantic, thoughtful tone for your gift. If overly romantic isn’t your style, find a more quirky card.


Your favorite wine, beer, or cider to share.

Perhaps it’s a bottle from the winery you visited on your first anniversary, or a growler from the brewery where you won trivia together.

Stainless Steel Growler

A Vino2Go or Brew2Go for enjoying your beverages.

Don’t spend your date night cleaning up spilled wine.



Who doesn’t like chocolate? Go for chocolate-covered items like strawberries and espresso beans if you’re really trying to impress.


Something silly.

Every couple has some weird inside joke that they find hilarious. You can go full Jim and Pam, or simply include a candid photo that makes you laugh.

A smitten Jim gets Pam a teapot - which almost ends up with Dwight as a tool for nostril irrigation.

A movie to watch together.

Even if it’s just having a plan for what you’ll pull up in your Netflix queue, having a plan for the evening is a treat in itself.


Cozy blanket.

Ditch the weird tie blanket that the dog always sleeps on. Time to upgrade!


Now, you’re all set for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the holiday, no matter how you choose to spend it!

10 Signs You Probably Need A Glass Of Wine

Some days (or weeks) are just a LOT harder than others. Sure, you can enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate a promotion, or to accompany a nice dinner. But, sometimes, those fermented grapes are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to unwinding. So, grab your Vino2Go (or a stemless wine tumbler if you’re feeling it), and a corkscrew.

1. Your morning started with stepping on a lego, and it didn’t get better from there.

2. You braved the grocery store on free sample day.

3. A bad interaction with a speed bump means you’re currently wearing your coffee.

4. Your kid just learned what swearing is…and they think it’s hilarious to do it in public.

5. Your mother-in-law just offered to hire a cleaning service as a Christmas gift.

6. Yet another Pinterest fail.

7. You haven’t gone to the bathroom alone in weeks. How did nobody mention this part of having kids?

8. They just killed off another of your favorite characters on Game Of Thrones.

9. You spent an entire day running errands, and none of them were for yourself.

10. Because you deserve it!

8 Thoughts We All Have While Holiday Shopping


Buying gifts in the store this holiday season is a guaranteed nightmare. We’ve all gone through it, and we are all dreading doing it again.

1. The parking lot is a battlefield, and I will treat it as such.

This isn’t the first time Lilo has been my inspiration.

2. I will purchase what is on the list, and only the list.

Ok maybe I can buy 1 or 16 things that aren’t on the list.

3. What is happening to my bank account.

Has this scene ever been more accurate?

4. My friends are not worth this level of stress.

I love you, but not that much.

5. If the parking lot was a battlefield, the wrapping paper aisle is a full-on war.

Remember when you used the empty tube to hit your brother? Today, you must rely on that training.

6. Please, please have a self check-out line.

Because this is how I feel right now.

7. Make a run for it!

Every shopper for themselves! Get out while you can!

8. How did I survive?

I’m never doing this again.

Interested in staying home with your Netflix queue this holiday season? Shop online for all the best beer and wine gifts at!

Why You Need A Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Stainless Steel Growler

Reusable stainless steel growlers are the new trend in craft beer consumption, and we’re pretty amped to get you aboard the growler train. Here are just a few motivating factors for your next craft beer purchase.

It Keeps Your Beer Cold

Seriously, what else can you ask for in life? Whether you’re bringing your favorite craft beer out on the boat (psst…always drink responsibly) or traveling for a beer picnic, you’ll want to keep your treasured brew cold.

Save Money On Glass Growlers

A $5 deposit on glass? Sure, you can return the glass for your deposit back, but sometimes that means traveling back to a brewery that is quite out of the way for you. Cut the extra travel and hassle with a reusable stainless steel growler.

You Can Use It For Water

Because, for some reason, it’s not acceptable to drink a growler full of beer at your kid’s soccer tournament. We’re not judging, though.

A New Place For Stickers

Because we all know your beer fridge is getting too full.